2022 ZC Pink
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2022 ZC Pink
2022 ZC Pink

100% Grenache Rose. This rosé is made in Provence style, which means it is very light in color, almost like a white wine. 

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We use 100% Grenache for our Rosé which is picked around 22 brix of sugar, the reason for this is the lower the brix, the more aromatics you have, the higher the brix the more structure you have. Picking at 22 brix allows us to have a wonderful aroma of tropical fruits. The moment the grapes come into the winery, it goes straight into the press, so there is zero skin contact. 

The reason for this light color is due to the type of press we use; it’s called a Champagne Press, which is extremely delicate and very gentle on the grapes. We are not pressing the grapes to crush the skins or the seeds, we are pressing just to crack the skin to have the first juice be released. Hence the lightness of the color.

On average you get about 160 gallons of wine per ton of grapes. Due to the type of press, we used we get about 90 gallons of wine per ton. 

It is fermented in stainless steel and neutral oak.  We use neutral oak to give the wine a little more structure without overpowering it with oaky aromas.