October 27 11:00 AM

Halloween Candy Flavor Pairing

Friday, October 27, 2023

1 day advanced booking is required.

Price: FREE Duration: 1 hr Group Size: 1 - 6 Guests

Want to know what candy to keep for yourself? Join us for a Halloween Candy Flavor Pairing curated with our new Fall wine flight. Candy pairing is an additional $3 and can be added on to any tasting.

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Trick or Treat in a flight of 5 wines & 5 halloween candies curated by Meredith.

ZC Pink - Smarties OR Candy Corn

Cabernet Sauvignon - Starburst OR Nerds

Fire Sign - M&M (any) OR Almond Joy

Solar Fel - Snickers OR Twix

Knucklehead - PB Kisses OR Reese’s Pieces

Available Friday October 27th-29th from 11-4pm. We recommend 1 pairing per person; and all candies are fun-size-single-servings, and not intended to share (too small).

If you participate in the candy pairing you will receive a turn with our Trick or Treat raffle. Prizes include discounts on wine, tricks include physical excercise.

Family Friendly Event! Bring the kids! Candy bags for the kids can be purchased for just $3. Please note we are a working winery with heavy machinery and children should remain with their families. If the kids get loose, we will give them back to you with an espresso shot and a puppy.